Box Man
Box Man
Out of Body
a Brains and Space experience
  1. grab a Google Cardboard and secure it to a hat so it can be used hands free
  2. find a friend
  3. acquire 2 mobile devices
  4. navigate to on both devices.
  5. allow the browser to access the camera
  6. enter a unique name for your game
  7. tap on your character: Box Man or Camera Guy
  8. Camera Guy should now probably switch his video souce to the rear camera, if you're using a tablet/phone
  9. Camera Guy should then press the big red button that is asking to be pressed
  10. video streaming should ensue, so now Box Man just needs to put on his HMD and box and start livin' it up
  11. if you are encountering any difficulties, check the FAQ below which will hopefully answer your question
What's Google Cardboard, and how do I get one?
Google Cardboard is Google's awesomely inexpensive approach to virtual reality. You can either purchase one for around $15 or make your own and buy lenses. Everything you need to know is on their website.
I've got everything set up, but I can't get the box to stay centered on my head. How'd you manage that?
Be creative! We just cut a circular hole in the underflaps and then kind of fold the flaps up into the neck once the box is around your head.
I don't have any friends. Can I still play?
Yep! You can replace Camera Guy with a stationary laptop or desktop computer(Apple products included), or you can even be both Camera Guy and Box Man at the same time. You can experiment with making yourself feel taller or shorter by holding up the camera over your head or at your waist. Or try something new!
I keep fogging up the lenses and my phone screen. How can I avoid that?
We've found that tucking a bandana under the Cardboard and above your nose is one way to avoid this issue. The bandana can also double as a way to block light from getting in from below.
Why are Apple mobile products not supported?
Last we checked, iOS browsers did not support WebRTC, which Box Man makes use of. There is a browser called Bowser that does support webRTC, but Bowser doesn't support MediaStreamTrack, which is also needed. If you have found a workaround, please let us know and we would be happy to extend the experience to iPhone people.
Do I need to be connected to WiFi?
No! Not any more! A strong WiFi connection may, however, yield lower latency and higher quality streaming. We have not yet configured Box Man to be played on the 4G/LTE network, but we are working on that. Box Man can and will break these cuffs. Boxman has broken these cuffs.
What browser should I use?
We've done all our testing on Google Chrome, but it should also work on Opera and Firefox. Who knows about Internet Explorer. Make sure your browser is updated to a relatively new version.
Can I wear glasses or contacts while being Box Man?
Sure, although if you are myopic, you won't need them. We aren't sure about hyperopic folks, so let us know if you try it.
Is this going to burn through all my data for the month and leave me unconnected and helpless?
No, it shouldn't. It definitely won't be an issue when you're on WiFi. We are going to do a thorough data consumptino report soon.
Help! I've followed all the directions and it isn't working!
Here is list of known bugs and issues. The simplest thing to try is to open it up again in a new tab/window and make sure you are using a sufficiently unique name.
Where can I find the source code?
Check out the Github repo.
The box seems superfluous. Do I really need to wear it? you wanna be cool?
What is Brains and Space?
Brains and Space is a collective of people doing cool stuff. We are engineers, designers, artists, writers, and dreamers. Brains and Space is an embodiment of our Golden Path. See more at our website.
What's the point?
"What the devil is the point of surviving, going on living, when it's a drag? But you see, that's what people do." - Alan Watts. Read more about the concept here.